The IMS Story

In 1998, Innovation Motorsports opened locations in Arizona and California and quickly became one of the largest online independent used motorcycle dealers in the United States. But all that changed in the beginning of 2008, with the subsequent demise of the dollar and gas crunch. The result was a re-focus into customizing neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) and Polaris GEM® cars.

IMS found that restoring often non-running GEM cars and golf carts, was both good for the environment and for business. Since that time, they have dedicated thousands of hours to developing innovative approaches to these unique vehicles. To learn more about the team that makes this innovation possible click here.

Today, IMS’s production facilities are located in Mesa, Arizona, just feet from the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport runway.  Our state of the art facilities, enable us to bring all our GEM car experts under one roof to produce some of the most unique GEM designs every built. We focus not just on looks, but enhancing the safety and drive-ability of these vehicles.

IMS Team


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