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Dustin Macintosh


Dustin has been in the automotive customization industry his entire life – cars, trucks, motorcycles, sand rails, 4x4s, sports cars and exotics. As a teen, he was known as the neighborhood car audiophile, with a reputation for always pushing the decibel limits. One of his first builds was a 57’ Chevy restoration. His early life also included amateur motorcycle racing, fist at dirt and later at street.

In 1996, Dustin moved to Arizona where he became a licensed dealer and quickly became the go-to guy for customizing SUV’s and motorcycles. When gas prices skyrocketed, he turned the company’s focus on street bikes and Harley’s, becoming of the largest online independent used motorcycle dealers on the West Coast.

Despite his personal love for engines and motorcycles, he saw huge potential in customizing GEM® cars and NEV’s. Since 2008 – and thousands of hours and hundreds of builds later – his unique perspective and vision has led to some of the most recognizable custom GEM car creations ever seen in the industry.
Dustin currently resides in Hermosa Beach, California with his wife Cynthia and their three boys – Gavin, Grant and Gage.

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Scotty “flames” Casbre

Master Painter

Scotty has well over 25+ years creating one of kind custom creations and an extensive list of builds. His personality and expertise has been seen on Pimp My Ride, SEMA, GAS (Galpin Auto Sports) and Jay Leno’s garage, as well as, he and his creations have been featured in numerous automotive related magazines.

Scotty is undoubtedly a legend in his own right, and one of the best (if not the) best Gem® car and golf cart painter in the country.

Scotty has mastered the techniques of painting simulated carbon fiber, old school scallops, true fire and multi-layered flames, rally stripes, and shadow graphics just to name a few. Besides his obvious talent, Scotty’s commitment to customer satisfaction and his absolutely hilarious personality keeps the shop and the customers happy. Check out Scotty’s work here.

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Mike Smith

“King” LED/Fabricator

Mike has over 14 years of electrical automotive experience. He specializes in the design and installation of all of our LED lighting projects. Mike’s dedication to designing and pushing the limits on LED lighting, along with his incredible attention to detail has taken IMS creations to a whole new level. Mike also owns Fast Pylons.

He IS one of the most detail-orientated fabricators we have ever worked with. His precision is only matched by his ethical business practices Oh, and he is also one awesome guy especially when we have to pull late night production runs! Mikes custom LED work can be seen here.

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Master Upholstery/Designer

Eddie is our custom upholstery expert based out of Tucson, AZ. From basic one color seat covers to “over-the-top” one-of-a-kind creations, his upholstery work is simply the best. Why? Because, he incorporates specialty fabrics such as carbon fiber, alligator print, suede, leather and multi-colored illusionary prints.

His ability to match our paint creations is second to none. His specialty at replicating Bentley, Range Rover, Lamborghini, and Ferrari style interiors into our GEM builds has allowed us to consistently push the envelope on creating the world’s best GEM cars and golf carts.

Our style and designs are often copied but thanks to Eddie, no one can do upholstery quite like us. And that’s why when IMS moved to Phoenix, we just couldn’t leave our best upholstery guy behind! Eddie continues to drive creativity and endure Dustin’s non-stop creative requests. His exclusive designs with precision detail can be seen here.

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Robby O

Master Fabricator

Robby has extensive background as a race team fabrication specialist and team member for multiple mini sprint race teams. He specializes in roll cage design and construction, lift kits, motor swaps and installations.

Robby is a master GEM certified tech and has been working on GEM vehicles for over 10 years. And that is why Robby “O” handles all of our fabrication. From our own patented GEM car lift kits in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, and 15” sizes, to our exclusive GEM car rear seat kits and tapered roof racks, Robby does it all. He uses only state of the art welding equipment and tube benders, our accessories and attachments are factory perfect and sought after by clients throughout the world.

Robby has lifted hundreds of GEM cars over the years and mastered the ability to make them sit perfectly level, drive straight and steer/maneuver as well as stock. Robbies custom work can be seen here.