Having built literally thousands of GEM car vehicles over the past decade, we have tried just about every possible battery on the market.

GEL, AGM, flooded electrolyte, lead acid, lithium ion……… And obviously the cost variation between these can be thousands of dollars.  For those of you who may be 

in need of replacing your GEM car batteries, the single handed best all around choice is the Trojan 30XHS. This battery has the best charge and recovery time in the industry, excellent power reserve and longevity and consistent durability over their life span.  For a time, we were using Interstate then we changed over to Centennial, then on to FVP and Duralast.  We would use DEKA or Full River for our upgraded GEL or AGM sets.  We have learned through literally thousands of hours & miles driven, they all basically last about the same.

About 20 miles drive time per charge and about 2 to 3 good solid years of usage over their life span.
One of the biggest problems with cheaper priced batteries is they have a very high failure rate. 
Where one or two of your 6 battery set may have a bad or weak cell.  This makes you have to replace one or two of the batteries which is NEVER a good thing to do.  You should always replace all 6 batteries at once.  With the Trojan 30XHS, we have found them to be fool proof.  They rarely ever fail and they are very easy to charge.  The only drawback is they do cost a bit more up front.  About $150 per battery where a lesser expensive Walmart style battery may run you $90 a battery.
If you can afford the slightly higher initial cost, you will have 2 to 3 years of good solid GEM car life with a set of Trojan 30XHS batteries and save yourself extra headaches and money.


This post was written by Dustin