I am often asked, why isn’t there a “lift kit” for Gem cars. So I decided to title this blog as (Do’s and Don’t) of GEM car lift kits. The answer is simple.  (DO) have us lift your GEM car.  and (DO NOT) try this at home.  I am very passionate about this topic because we have invested well over $100,000 in trial and error – research and development in perfecting the GEM car lift kit. 

The biggest issue on lifting a GEM car is….. believe it or not, no two GEM cars are the same.  They all use the exact same shocks, sub frames, suspension components and brakes etc, however – they all have different mounting holes and they all line up differently.
This means you can not take a basic GEM car lift kit off of one GEM car and simply bolt it on to a different GEM car.  We learned this the hard way, a few years back we had 30 lift kits built in advance as our intention was to sell them as bolt on kits, similar to what you may find for EZ-GO or Club Car style golf carts.  We quickly discovered customers were calling us complaining of fitment issues fender spacing, steering box alignment, camber & caster issues, raking etc. 
We then discovered how much different each and every GEM car really is

For instance……… one of our 2000 GEM car E-825 4 seat models was sitting in our shop, directly side by side to another identical 2000 GEM car E-825 4 seat model.  Both were purchased from the same home development company and both had only 1 digit off on their VIN #’s.  Meaning they were literally built one after the other when they were originally made by GEM.  The front subframe mounts were 3.5 inches off between the two cars.  So we began measuring and testing car after car and recording the measurements from each.  To our surprise, each and every GEM car we tested had a slightly different measurement.  As a result, ALL of our lifted GEM cars are done 100% by hand and fabricated on the car itself by our highly skilled fab tech.  We have received countless calls from various suspension and off road shops over the years asking us how to lift a GEM car. 

The recipe is simple………….. Call us to have it done correctly. 
If you look at ANY of our lifted GEM cars you will notice how they all sit perfectly level, no front or rear end sag, no tilting or leaning and no excessive tree or raking issues up front.  We have perfected the perfect way to lift a GEM car.  From 1999 models all the way through present day 2014 year models, we can do them like no one else. 

This post was written by Dustin